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  • Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid.

    Do you ever float under the water, hold your breath and imagine what it would be like to be a mermaid? Yeh, me too.

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  • New year, new ventures

    I have officially signed up as a member of Bristyle! Go me! I’ve been meaning to do this for years and have finally done it and also put some more stock into my Etsy store. I’ve been spending a lot of time on wedding craft over the last few months which is amazing and so […]

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  • Birthday time

    So I turned 27 in June. 27 is a funny age. Kind of in between. I feel in between at the moment. We came rushing back into our Brisbane lives and 3 months on I’m starting to slow down (or being forced to due to a knee injury) and looking around at what we have […]

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  • Life is beautiful

    It feels like inspiration has been coming thick and fast of late (apart from the last 3 days as I have been too sick to move let alone think about creating art). There’s a potential project that an acquaintance in London has proposed to me that if occurs will be a huge step forward for […]

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  • The joy of being home

    Hello Sunday morning. I’m sitting in bed in my friend Ash’s spare room, surrounded by vintage floral; the sun pouring in and Tom beside me. We have been home for nearly a month and it has completely flown by. A week up at Peregian with my family was well needed. I couldn’t tell you how […]

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  • Home is not where you live, but where they understand you

    I feel like a bad friend. I’ve let my beautiful blog fall to the wayside for some time now while travel and work over at Activebackpacker have consumed me. Travelling through the North West of America. Originally Tom’s passion, I have jumped on board with gusto, not only providing the photos but doing more of […]

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  • How lucky I am.

    I am writing this as we are on the train from Montreal to Ottawa, going back to our temporary home after a quick getaway for our 5th anniversary. The snow is piled up high outside and we are tired and happy and sitting quietly reading. We had a fun couple of days in Montreal, I […]

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  • Canada-time.

    We’ve been in Canada for nearly two weeks now. Two relaxing, inspiring, wonderful weeks full of family, food and SNOW! The day after we got here it started snowing and didn’t stop for 3 full days. We’ve had several snow storms since and it just keeps piling up. As all the┬áCanadians┬ákeep telling us, we sure […]

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  • 3 sleeps

    As I think about the fact that we leave Europe on Wednesday it all starts to get a little bit more real. Every new step that we take makes this a reality. Tom finished work on Friday; we had our farewell party and the apartment is almost all packed up. The party was an amazing […]

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