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Reasons to travel #1

Aussies are everywhere; in every hostel & major city in Europe. It’s nice to work in a place where not everyone is disenchanted with Aussies. They certainly know how to make me feel special! There is a Hungarian guy at work who can barely understand me but loves when I say the words ‘food’ and […]

Les Puces

The first time I was in Paris last year with Tom and we went to Les Puces (the fleas) Market we spent a few hours wandering around and he said to me ‘You really need to come here with your girlfriends.’ Nearly a year later I was lucky enough to do that. The girls and […]


Apprently there is a Japanese word ‘aware’ (ah-wah-reh) which means fleeting moments of fading beauty. According to Frankie it refers to that sad, bittersweet feeling when something is so good that you don’t want it to finish. As my train pulled out of Gare du Nord this afternoon to bring me back to my Dutch […]

Tastes of Paris

French food is everything I imagined. When in Paris (and everywhere we go really) Tom and I have a tendency to walk for hours and hours just exploring. He has this magical ability to survive without food whereas I will gradually get grumpier and grumpier if I’m not fed and watered regularly. Luckily in Paris […]

Colours of Paris

The beauty of Paris is everywhere you look – the cute dogs being walked by their stylish owners; the terrace chimney pots; the stunning display of baked goods in the windows you walk past and of course the greenery everywhere. The colour palette of Montmartre in particular is just divine; perfect design inspiration for my […]

Moments in Paris.

A few moments from our Paris adventure. We were on the high speed train at Rotterdam Centraal at 8am, ready with our coffees and books for our 2 and a half hour trip through Holland, Belgium and France – that’s right, 3 countries in under 3 hours. This Europe place is crazy small! Red velvet […]

Life is simple.

Firstly – watch this video. I’ve watched it a couple of times now and I love it more each time. I love the message, I love the real people in it and I love the bikes (of course!). This really is my life mission. Keep it simple. Love openly. Travel often. Eat well. Create. Create. […]