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How lucky I am.

I am writing this as we are on the train from Montreal to Ottawa, going back to our temporary home after a quick getaway for our 5th anniversary. The snow is piled up high outside and we are tired and happy and sitting quietly reading. We had a fun couple of days in Montreal, I […]


We’ve been in Canada for nearly two weeks now. Two relaxing, inspiring, wonderful weeks full of family, food and SNOW! The day after we got here it started snowing and didn’t stop for 3 full days. We’ve had several snow storms since and it just keeps piling up. As all the Canadians keep telling us, we sure […]

3 sleeps

As I think about the fact that we leave Europe on Wednesday it all starts to get a little bit more real. Every new step that we take makes this a reality. Tom finished work on Friday; we had our farewell party and the apartment is almost all packed up. The party was an amazing […]

Amsterdam loving.

Have you seen this? This guy gives Americans a bad name. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world and definitely safe as houses. Very, very pretty houses! We had a great day this week when I went with Alex and Zoe. We wandered the canals, did lots of browsing of vintage, stopped […]

Reasons to travel #1

Aussies are everywhere; in every hostel & major city in Europe. It’s nice to work in a place where not everyone is disenchanted with Aussies. They certainly know how to make me feel special! There is a Hungarian guy at work who can barely understand me but loves when I say the words ‘food’ and […]


I don’t even know where to start. Do I begin with our Italy trip and go into detail about the stunning cities we saw, the hikes we went on, the amount of food we ate, the wonderful friends we spent time with new and old? Or do you want to hear all about our weekend […]